You deserve a softer life. Reflect. Transform.

Instant wisdom, clarity and relief for black moms under all circumstances

25 yrs

as an international singer songwriter and creative workshopleader

10 yrs

styling  working moms (Zalando)

17 yrs

as a kick-ass single mom

Instant wisdom

Because we use multiple mirrors, including audio, video and, above all, your own wisdom, the answer to your question is closer than it seemed.

Instant clarity

You see yourself and your circumstances from a new perspective without judgment. The impact is comparable to 6 months of therapy

Instant relief

Nothing sucks more energy than indecision and doubt because you feel overwhelmed and unsure. We put an end to that at the love mirror!

You want:

*to finally know what you really want

*to look at yourself with kindness
*to be encouraged

*to not just care for others but be seen for you
*real connection to yourself and others
*to experience more relaxation and fun

What can reflecting do for you?

    • Provide brutal but kind honesty
    • Prevent angry explosions with you kids or loved ones
    • Increase confidence

Tired of carrying everything alone? Lighten your load. Ask for help. Get clear. That is radical self-love. Your greatest gift to your kids, loved ones and the world.

Cause if mom is happy, everybody's happier!


Ready for the real thing?

So what do I have to offer you love?

  • Expert advice in self-care: from domestic violence shelter to an audience of millions
    The indestructible conviction that you are love
    Practical tools that remind you of this again and again
  • A space where you are heard and seen

Enough about me. What do you need ?

I can imagine you haven't thought about this in a long time. Maybe you're tired and you're afraid to admit it. Does it eat away at you that you keep postponing your dreams? Because you have people who count on you. But what do you need outside of  your mom role? Beside your studies?  For the woman you are? For the girl you once were?

You have many responsibilities. But what does she need?

After your Love Mirror experience you will know the answer to this question.

I see you. Crystal clear. Can I show you what I see when I look at you?

Look into the Love Mirror and breathe a sigh of relief again. You're doing so incredibly well, champ!

When to Reflect with Love?

  • If everyone around you is happy after but upi're unhappy and losing your temper
  • If you have no or little me time
  • If you don't feel seen
  • If you're stuck but aren't looking for therapy
  • If you struggle to say no

Reflect: Your clarity is just a click away

Book your moment to reflect and gain instant clarity. Don't put off the one thing that makes everything else easier. Like making difficult choices, saying no and finally taking that step that you have been dreading for months. Or even years. Now it's your turn feel happy, relieved and free.

P.S. Give yourself an easier life. Pay attention to yourself. Dare to say out loud what you want. Use your frustrations as a compass. You deserve it.

About Maame

So here's me in a nutshell. My name is Maame Joses. I'm a 42 year old single mom from Ghana and Nigeria living in Arnhem. I was born in the UK and studied acting, singing and dance in Australia.

My occupations are singer-songwriter and mirror therapist for black mums and girls dealing with mom guilt, micro agressions and struggles specific to the black female experience. 

After dealing with domestic violence as a young girl and young mother, I decided to focus on supporting the selflove journey of other women who don't quite fit in, like me. I love us and want us all to feel seen.

After a year spent in and out of hospital in Arnhem and being misdiagnosed partlybecause of my doctors racial blindspots, thankfully I've spent the past months returning to full health.

I look forward to connecting with you. Can't wait!

Xx Maame